Top 10 brow products

Who would have thought that two small strips of hair on your face could be such a hot topic?
My brows have their very own makeup bag with an extensive range of products. During my early teens I was desperate to loose the mono brow I'd been cursed with so attacked them with my mums tweezers like Edward Scissor hands on speed. Now in my 40's I long for that mono brow as I apply pomade, pencil and powder in the hope that I might create something that resembles eyebrows and even more importantly that they at least match.

Remember they're sisters not twins - a saying I repeatedly tell my students as they reach for the eyebrow stencil and are armed with an angled brush. Eyebrow products are becoming a must for every makeup bag and can be found on every makeup counter in leading department stores.

So what's the best product?

I've researched and tested so many I feel it's time to share some of that knowledge with you. Whether you have a Megan Fox slim-line brow or a Cara Delevingne bold brow you will always need to dress your brows. The choices are endless wax, tweeze or thread and style with pomade, powder or pencil. Not forgetting shape with stencils or freehand. A few months ago I wrote an article for Your Kent Wedding Magazine and in the panic to find a photo to go with the article I took a picture of my own thinning brows, you can see why I need the help of brow products.

NYX Frame & Tame - Smudge and waterproof easy to use and keeps brows in place all day long. Great value at around £5.50.

Morphe Brushes Brow Palette - Six brow powders (costing around £12) which you can mix to create your perfect match. With a conceal and highlighter included it's great for those just needing to dress and fill brows. Not ideal for a complete rebuild.

Freedom Pro Brow Pomade - Great product and available in 11 colours, a little of the product goes a long way and is a great dupe of a famous American brand - no shipping costs either as you can pop down to your local Superdrug and pick one up. Prices start around £5.

Wunderbrow - Great product when used with a separate brow brush, it does take a while to learn how to work with the product and create perfect brows. I wouldn't recommend using the brush it comes with as it's difficult to create professional looking brows. But it will last a day or two when applied correctly - takes some practice. Costs around £20.

Eylure - Great brand with an extensive range of brow products, shaped hair removal strips, pomade, brow contour pencils, gels and waxes. They even have their own stencils to help create your shape then fill using one or more of the brow products. Great value for money and can be found in your local Superdrug. Prices start around £5.

Anastasia Beverley Hills - 'Pro series brow palette' is a must have for any professional makeup artist but doesn't come cheap at £90. Although it will ensure you can dress any colour brow as it is a twelve pan palette. Each pan has two shades enabling you to custom blend the brows making them look as natural as possible.

Anastasia Beverley Hills - 'Beauty Express' the kit includes stencils, angled brush, brow wax, brow powder and eye shadow duo. Great item for your makeup bag as it has all you need to create the perfect brow. RRP £29.99

Chelsea Brow Kit - costs around £35 contains everything you need to create fab brows, tweezers, brush, powder and stencils. It's smudge proof, water resistant and the powders are semi permanent. It's easy to use and would make a great gift for someone wanting beautiful brows.

Barry M Brow Kit - Three step to perfect brows and my go to product, it's great value and easy to use. Contains wax, powder, highlighter, brush and tweezers. It would be great if it included some stencils and came in a range of colours but I guess what you get is reflected in the price. Around £5.

w7 Brow Parlour Kit - A small box of all you need, two shades, wax, highlighter, brush, comb, mirror and tweezers. Albeit you do need to build up with this product to achieve depth of colour, it's amazing value at £2 - £3. Perfect as a gift.

If you are new to the brow thing just remember practice makes perfect, choose colours to compliment your hair colour and skin tone. Perhaps have a professional shape your brows on a regular basis so that you can just dress them daily when applying your makeup. Brows are an important feature and they not only frame the face they can make us look younger!