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Royal beauty made to look easy by Kate & Megan...

Following the birth of Prince Louis; the third child for William and Kate the world wanted to know how Kate could look so amazing, little over seven hours following the birth Kate appeared holding her little bundle on the steps of the hospital. Kate looked truly beautiful and many women myself included felt a pang of jealousy, I certainly didn't look picture ready for quite sometime after my 26 hour labour and emergency C Section!

Women took to twitter and various social media platforms to voice their opinions. Saying they looked like a sack of spuds after giving birth. I wouldn't go that far I looked natural "makeup free".

My jealousy only lasted seconds when I thought like a human rather than a jealous person. I joked weeks before my daughters birth with a fellow Makeup Artist, saying I wanted them to make me look amazing during and after birth. I didn't because I wasn't bothered what I looked like, I had the most important thing in my arms, my daughter.

What we need to remember is we have take our own time to recover the truly amazing experience we have gone through. Kate not only went through the emotion of child birth she bearly held her child and knew THE WORLD would be waiting to see her. She would have had hands all over her by a team of hair and makeup artists only hours after birth.

I don't know about you, having people fussing over me was the last thing I wanted 7 hours after childbirth. Pulling my hair back and washing my face felt incredible.

Kate did look amazing but under that makeup was a women just like you and I.

Although I didn't plaster makeup on after birth I did have my after birth pamper bag. I made sure my cleanser, toner and moisturiser with me throughout. As a new mum its important not to forget about you, easy to say I know.

Here's some of my personal tips:

  • Cleanse, tone & moisturise
  • Apply some BB or Illuminating cream
  • Quick flick of mascara
  • Tinted gloss

These quick simple tips will make you feel and look brighter.

Often new mums are forgotten about; its all about presents for baby. There are so many great gifts for mummy & baby.

Dr Lipp (Nipple balm for lips)
A must have multi purpose product.  Use it on sore nipples, dry lips and babies bottom!

Following the royal birth came another historic event on the 19th May 2018 the world watched the royal wedding of Prince Harry & Megan Markel. Makeup artist Daniel Martin created the polished look for Megan's big day, her makeup was understated, fresh and polished. Megan looked naturally beautiful and for me as a fellow artist it was a breath of fresh air. With current trends still backing 'celebrity contouring', it was so nice to see a bride looking naturally beautiful. I made sure that I tweeted Daniel Martin to thank him for bringing natural back and making a bride simply look beautiful. I was just a tiny bit excited when Daniel "like" my tweet!!!

I find it so frustrating when I see selfies of beautiful young women layering so much makeup on their faces look like they'll crack and the looks they're creating are more 'drag queen' than 'beauty queen'.

With mental health issues hitting all time highs, it's no wonder with the pressure we are of social media platforms such as instagram, facebook and snapchat. People spend hours trying to capture the perfect selfie. Too much time is spent trying to gain recognition and ego boosting.

I'm not saying that I'm not partial to the odd selfie, but my instagram sees picture after picture of people just promoting themselves.
This isn't just an addiction among millennials I see 40 something's doing it all the time too, take pictures that make memories or tell a story.

As many know I am a mother of a four year old little girl aka DIVA, but I will do all I can to prevent her from posting photos of herself for recognition from others. I want her to be comfortable in the skin she's in and never look to social media for acceptance.

I was talking to friends only the other day and ranting about my dislike for the over contoured fake looking makeup looks that young women up load daily. I found myself asking where do these girls get these crazy ideas of making their faces orange or creating contouring (stripes) on their faces??

Of course they learn from 'celebrities' not all celebrities, they definitely don't learn the art of makeup from real artists such as Kevyn Aucoin who would turn in his grave if he could see how contouring was being taken to the extreme. Being that Kevyn was the original contour guru! Never would he apply contour in over applied stripes using the wrong colours.

Nor would the likes of Lisa Eldridge, Lans, Alex Box and Daniel Martin, come to think of it albeit I'm not her number one fan, nor would Charlotte Tilbury.

They are real artists working with some of the worlds most beautiful men and women, they contour, strobe and highlight but they use the technique of blending to perfect their looks.

On the other hand Jeffree Starr would probably disagree with everything I've just written, but that is Jeffree Starr.

I sound like I'm anti contouring I'm not, used correctly it can look amazing and you can go quite bold with it but remember to blend.

Check out my contouring blog click here.

Creating a perfect bridal look isn't just about the application of makeup by a professional, it's about preparing the skin for the big day.

  • Make sure you drink plenty of water daily
  • Only wash your face in facial wash or facial cleansers (anything designed for use on the face)
  • Always use a toner
  • Make sure you moisturise your face twice daily
  • Use SPF15+ (Skin Protection Factors)
  • Use a scrub no more than 3 times a week

If you are thinking about facials then start them early, leaving them to the last minute could mean you have an outbreak due to the deep cleansing, as well as your PH balance changing, this could turn your foundation 'ORANGE'. So facials are not something to have 2 or 3 days before your wedding they should become part of your routine at least six months prior the big day.

When skin is in tip top condition makeup looks so much nicer and lasts so much longer.

In 2019 I will be launching a new bridal page on my website offering bridal packages that include so much more than just hair and makeup. We will start the preparation well in advance of the big day!

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